2008: House Democrat Representative David Price sponsors HR 6947 which calls for a National Alternatives to Immigrant Detention Program. The Bill dies in Committee.


2009: Luis Gutierrez introduces HR 4321 the CIR ASAP Bill (a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill including legalization for undocumented).


2009: Republicans soundly reject HR 4321 and demand more Immigration Enforcement from Obama & the Democrats before they will move an Immigration Bill forward.


2009:  ICE begins counting traffic violators as “criminals” to seemingly boost their “criminal deportations” statistics.


2009: In a complete 180, House Democrat David Price sponsors HR 2892 which creates the Congressional Bed Mandate requiring a minimum number of 33,400 Immigrants to be in detention at any time. It passes the House with a Democraric Majority.



2010: In turn, ICE implements a detention quota of 400,000 (33,400 x 12 months = 400,800). Note: average length of immigrant detention is one month.


January 2013: Obama announces we finally have Bipartisan Support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.


April 2013: Senate introduces S. 744, a Bipartisan Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill.


June 5, 2013: Ted Deutch calls for an end to the Congressional Bed Mandate which has been continued in every House Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Bill since Rep. David Price’s HR 2892 was passed in 2010. Deutch’s call to end mandatory detentions of now 34,000 immigrants nightly is defeated largely along party lines but with the help of 11 Democrats as well.


June 27, 2013: Senate passes amended S. 744, with Border Surge Amendments included.

October 1, 2013 is the first day of the fiscal year covered by HR 2217 which continues the 34,000 mandatory minimum immigrant lock up.

October 2, 2013 House introduces bipartisan Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill HR 15 where it resides in committee to this day.