All this Obama bashing for not stopping all deportations right now turns my stomach.

First, some people who are deportable under the originally passed immigration & Nationality Act of 1952 should be deported. Take child pornographers or meth makers, for example.

Second, America is not JUST immigrants. We face international threats from a nuclearized Iran, Israeli Dahiya, ISIS terrorism, the Syrian Civil War, Psychopathic Imperialists, and climate change. Closer to home, many Americans including Veterans, the children & the elderly are going to sleep hungry, can’t get a job, afford a good education, or simply just can’t make it as a working single mom.

The Supreme Court has undone a century of progress by declaring corporations are people and money is free speech. Justice Scalia is so out of touch that he says women cursing is eroding society. Mass shootings by children and homicides by law enforcement are routine. Being openly discriminated against for being gay or trans is no longer just practice– it is slowly becoming the law across the U.S.

Third, before Obama takes any executive action risking impeachment or the lives of Americans either here or abroad, his first priority is to ensure the full spectrum of constitutional protections to African Americans.


African Americans’ families were brought to America as slaves, built this nation, and are long overdue their first class citizenship, equality and dignity– promises yet unfulfilled even 50 years after their legislation.

Fourth, I am astounded by the prevalence of a just-under-the-surface plantation mentality that persists even amongst liberals. The latest example being the group of over 100 law professors sending a letter to President Obama outlining the legal basis of a President’s discretionary authority.

I read in absolute amazement the “memo” written to our President who is a Harvard Law Grad, who was a Constitutional Law professor for 12 years and who is now a second term POTUS. I was embarrassed to see in that letter the ugly air of supremacy in this legally simplistic letter written as “instructive” to our President and Commander in Chief.

I am not an Obama sycophant but God bless him for being the first to have to suffer the foolishness of sophomoric, “explanatory” memos by Lexus Liberals.

Wrongheaded immigrant groups are re-writing the narrative of immigrants who understand why Obama is delaying action for a mere 6 weeks. Self appointed talking heads are, by their hubris, misleading the rest of America into concluding immigrants have a remarkable lack of disregard for the collateral damage that would ensue if Obama succumbed to the non-sensical #Not1More deportation demands.

It is well known in the working class undocumented community that groups such as United We Dream and National Council of La Raza are just multi-million dollar self licking lollipops with half million dollar salaries in bed with many of the enemies of Immigration Reform. But even more insidious is their simultaneous destruction of the authentic moral authority of the regular, hard working undocumented American who wishes for nothing more than to offer his loyalty to this still great Nation.

The relentless ego-centric Obama bashing resounds with voting Americans but not the way you think. Americans are now asking themselves if the undocumented understand that being American means being willing to lay down your life for country and flag. Country first– always above and beyond our individual needs. Voting Americans are asking if the undocumented are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for this Nation or are they just here to live out an individual and self-serving life? imageSpecial interest groups have silenced the voice of authenticity and replaced it with hubris– not unlike so many other political machines polluting the people with disinformation.